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Inclusive Business Forum Zimbabwe

Inclusive Business Forum Zimbabwe

The main objective of the Inclusive Business Forum is to promote inclusive growth and development by establishing productive alliances between companies and small scale operators/communities/community based organisations, with benefits for both. These productive alliances can be applied across a company’s value chain.


  • Further the concepts of Inclusive Business with the support of public policy, NGO’s and donors
  • Through the Technical Assistance Facility, the Forum will encourage up to 10 organisations to carry out Inclusive Business Scans of approved potential projects
  • The Forum will act as partnership brokers particularly in sharing information, experiences and opportunities
  • The Forum will promote business to business partnerships that enable companies to work together where feasible and appropriate
  • The Forum will develop guidance criteria for projects, using lessons learned from numerous international, regional and local experiences and case studies
  • The Forum will use, for example, workshops, webinars, a newsletter and a website as tools towards these ends