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Sep 11, 2012


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Adina for Life in Senegal

Adina for Life, Inc. is a joint venture created in 2004 to sell culturally authentic and healthy beverages in the American market. The word ‘Adina’ means ‘the World’ in Wolof, a Senegalese dialect. The value proposition of the company is to develop and market traditional, healthy and environmentally as well as socially responsible beverages.
The company is based in California and serves retailers throughout the United States . Adina for Life used certified organic hibiscus blossoms from the Quality Biological Agriculture Cooperative (QABCOO) located at Latmingue in Senegal as ingredients in its drinks.
In Senegal, Adina’s business model supported more than 527 members of QABCOO, largely women, who never believed that they could make a living out of hibiscus flowers. Through their economic contribution, women have gained more awareness for their potential in the community and as a result are involved in decision making processes. Even though Adina no longer carries ‘Bissap’, the original hibiscus drink, the Senegalese hibiscus industry is strengthened based on organic and fair trade principles employing hundreds of women.
Furthermore, the success of the original business model of sourcing organic fair trade ingredients from cooperatives in Senegal has translated into the company setting up similar arrangements in other countries around the world.

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