WaterHealth International - Providing Potable Water for Rural and Peri-urban Communities in India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, and the Philippines

WaterHealth International, Inc. (WHI) is a company that develops, installs, and operates water purification and disinfection systems that provide affordable, high-quality potable water for underserved populations in rural and peri-urban areas. WHI houses these water treatment systems in small-scale, decentralized facilities called WaterHealth Centers in local communities. At an initial investment of less than $10 per person, WHI can provide more than a decade of healthy drinking water to communities in need.

Shiblee Hatchery & Farms Cage-culture Fish Farming, Bangladesh

In this project, Shiblee Hatchery & Farms Ltd. aims to engage 100 landless families as fish farmers of cage-cultured tilapia, along the banks of the Adhamanki River. In addition to cultivating fish, livestock and vegetables on its farm in Kuakata, Shiblee also runs a supply network, delivering chemical-free fish and meat products to high-end clients in Dhaka. A pilot scheme in 2010 verified the potential to produce quality tilapia in river-mouth water.

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