WaterHealth International - Providing Potable Water for Rural and Peri-urban Communities in India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, and the Philippines

WaterHealth International, Inc. (WHI) is a company that develops, installs, and operates water purification and disinfection systems that provide affordable, high-quality potable water for underserved populations in rural and peri-urban areas. WHI houses these water treatment systems in small-scale, decentralized facilities called WaterHealth Centers in local communities. At an initial investment of less than $10 per person, WHI can provide more than a decade of healthy drinking water to communities in need.

Employment Generation and Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Development – the Garment and Textile Manufacturing Industry in Ghana

Small medium enterprises (SME’s) in Ghana face a host of problems and constraints. These must be overcome if they are to be sustainable and move into the mainstream of the economy. The role of SME’s in employment generation and development in Ghana is explored in this paper.

Linking Traditional Banking with Modern Finance: Barclays Microbanking - Susu Collectors Initiative in Ghana

Susu collection, practiced for more three centuries in Africa, is an informal arrangement for mobilizing savings deposits from clients. Operators collect a predetermined installment of money from their client, daily or weekly. With about 4,000 active Susu collectors in Ghana and each serving 200–850 clients a day, Susu collection has become an established system (albeit informal) that meets an important need.

Integrated Tamale Fruit Company: Organic Mangoes Improving Livelihoods for the Poor in Ghana

The Integrated Tamale Fruit Company (operating in the Savelugu-Nanton District in Ghana’s Northern Region, an area of widespread poverty) cultivates certified organic mangos for local and export markets. To boost its power in the export market with higher production volumes, the company established a scalable business model that includes local farmers. Instead of acquiring a very large piece of land—physically and financially impractical—the company produces high volumes through an outgrower scheme, which started in 2001 and today includes 1,300 outgrower farmers.

Esoko Networks: Facilitating Agriculture Through Technology in Ghana

Esoko Networks owns and operates Esoko, a technology-based market information system (MIS) classified as agricultural informatics or e-agriculture. Esoko provides agricultural stakeholders like farmers and traders with market information such as prices, and a platform for advertising and negotiating buy/sell offers. For agricultural institutions like farmer associations, Esoko facilitates direct marketing campaigns using short messaging service (SMS).

Toyola Charcoal Stove: Improving the Environment and Health of the Poor in Ghana

Toyola Energy Limited is a company that operates in Ghana. It produces and distributes energy efficient charcoal stoves and solar lanterns for domestic users in the urban and rural parts of Ghana. Toyola entrepreneurs Suraj Wahab and Ernest Kyei - two artisans - have implemented an innovative business model that includes the poor along the whole value chain as suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and customers and accounts for positive economic, social and environmental effects.

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