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Power to the People - Investing in Clean Energy for the BoP in India

If you are operating, selling, innovating or investing in the Base of Pyramid energy market, this month’s Editor’s Choice has analysis that you probably need. Power to the People; Investing in Clean Energy for the BoP in India, illustrates the investment potential of the clean energy sector by delving into sub-sectors, products, prices and consumer trends.

Hindustan Unilever: Sustainable Sourcing of Tomatoes in India

Hindustan Unilever: Sustainable Sourcing of Tomatoes in India

By 2020 we will source 100% of our agricultural raw materials sustainably: 10% by 2010; 30% by 2012; 50% by 2015; 100% by 2020.
The World Bank claims that supporting smallholder farming is the best way to stimulate economic development and reduce poverty. Hindustan Unilever (HUL) aims to source 100% of its tomatoes from sustainable sources by 2015. In 2011, 60% of tomatoes used in Kissan ketchup in India were from Sustainable Sources.

Hindustan Unilever - Shakti Entrepreneurial Programme for Women Direct-to-Consumer Retailers

Hindustan Unilever - Shakti Entrepreneur Programme

One in eight people on the planet lives in an Indian village. Hindustan Unilever's Shakti Entrepreneurial Programme helps women in rural India set up small businesses as direct-to-consumer retailers. The scheme equips women with business skills and a way out of poverty as well as creating a crucial new distribution channel for Unilever products in the large and fast-growing global market of low-spending consumers. By 2010 the Shakti network aims to have reached 600 million consumers.

Study: Establishing an Inclusive Business Private Equity Fund in Vietnam: A Market Scoping Study

Study: Establishing an Inclusive Business Private Equity Fund in Vietnam: A Market Scoping Study, April 2012

The Asian DEvelopment Bank is exploring the viability of an inclusive business private equity fund (IBPE) designed to support the development of business models that directly integrate labour, products and consumers from low-income segments of Vietnam's society.

WaterHealth International - Providing Potable Water for Rural and Peri-urban Communities in India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, and the Philippines

WaterHealth International, Inc. (WHI) is a company that develops, installs, and operates water purification and disinfection systems that provide affordable, high-quality potable water for underserved populations in rural and peri-urban areas. WHI houses these water treatment systems in small-scale, decentralized facilities called WaterHealth Centers in local communities. At an initial investment of less than $10 per person, WHI can provide more than a decade of healthy drinking water to communities in need.

Xiwang Sugar Holdings - Working with Small Farmers in China

Xiwang Sugar Holdings is a leading corn processor, producing corn and high value-added starch sugar products in China. The company is the country’s largest producer of crystalline glucose, a starch sugar product, with an annual production capacity of 800,000 tons. As of 2011, Xiwang had an annual corn processing capacity of 1.5 million tons and procured corn from 400,000 small farmers.

Butwal Power Company Producing Hydropower in Nepal

Butwal Power Company is a leading hydropower company in Nepal involved in generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. It has a combined operating capacity of 17.1 MW through its two plants in Jhimruk (12MW) and Andhikhola (5.1 MW) in western Nepal. It supplies power to the national grid operated by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and directly to almost 38,000 domestic and industrial customers. In addition, BPC provides engineering and consulting services through its subsidiaries.

Aadhar Housing Finance (AHFL) and Opportunities for Home Ownership, India

Aadhar Housing Finance Pvt. Ltd. (AHFL) seeks to extend opportunities for home ownership to low- and lower middle-income households in India. Established in 2011 as a registered Housing Finance Company (HFC), AHFL is regulated by India’s National Housing Bank. This new company is a joint venture by IFC and IFC client Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. (DHFL). DHFL is the fourth-largest HFC in India with over 26 years of experience in home loans to low- and middle-income households. It has over 160,000 customers and a presence in 170 locations.


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