Blog for July 2014: The role of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSP) in promoting Inclusive Business in Zimbabwe

There is a famous African Proverb that says "To go fast you must alone, but to go far you need to go with others" there is need to the add a modern twist to this adage which is "go with others who are like minded and have the same desire to achieve cohesion". This article is intended to look at the importance of like minded individuals or entities coming together for the singular purpose of achieving economic growth and human development.

This months blog: understanding the BOP for IB in Zimbabwe

Blogspot - Understanding the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) for Inclusive Business in Zimbabwe

The Base of the Pyramid or BOP, as they are known, have the immense potential to become a huge market base for any business. However unlocking the potential in this market does not occur without innovation. This is so because this market segment is governed by a different set of dynamics in comparison to the conventional middle class and high end markets.

Zimbabwe: Milkzim and the story of Yeukai Tagonera

Yeukai Togonera is a Nutrition Network Officers (NNO) with Milkzim. She purchases milk from Milkzim’s wholesale outlet in Harare and sells packets of Merilac fermented milk to consumers living in various high density, low income suburbs in Harare. In 2012, Milkzim adopted the inclusive business approach for the distribution and retail of their products. To date over 100 NNOs have been trained by Milkzim on how to handle and sale milk efficiently and hygienically according to food regulatory standards.

Here is Yeukai’s story: from extreme poverty to economic independence……..

eMkambo: A Market-driven Agricultural Solution Platform in Zimbabwe

In late 2012, Knowledge Transfer Africa (KTA), an indigenous knowledge systems company launched eMkambo, an interactive electronic knowledge-sharing platform for the agriculture sector in partnership with software developer Afrosoft Holdings.

Having been closely following this development, NewsDay columnist Omen Muza (ND) recently caught up with Charles Dhewa (CD), KTA chief executive officer and eMkambo founder and asked him about eMkambo’s progress so far, its linkages with other key market infrastructure and its prospects.

Inclusive Businesses in Zimbabwe share their experiences at an IB Roundtable held in Harare

For its second major event of this year, the Inclusive Business Forum of Zimbabwe decided to feature the experiences of six of the organisations with whom SNV Zimbabwe has worked in Zimbabwe, providing technical and/or financial assistance in terms of their Inclusive Business Scan and/or Capacity Building Grant facilities. Some organisations have also used the CREATE Fund (progress on which was reported in our March Newsletter).

The IB projects presented included the following:

Inclusive Business Forum Zimbabwe Launches Bulawayo Office

The official launch of the IB Forum for the Western and Southern Region took place on the 10th of December 2013 at the Holiday Inn in Bulawayo.

The event was opened by the Mayor of Bulawayo, His Worship Mayor M. K. Moyo. The event attracted close to 70 participants from academic and research institutions, private companies, agricultural producer associations, government, NGOs and individual entrepreneurs. In addition, four umbrella bodies namely, BSDCZ, ZNCC, ABUZ and Empretec brought several members.

The Programme for the Launch was as follows:

Read more........

The Inclusive Business Forum of Zimbabwe was established as a collaboration between SNV Zimbabwe and the Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe (BCSDZ), with the generous support of the Ford Foundation. At present the IB Forum has over 70 member organisations. Membership includes organisations within the following sectors:


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