IB in Zimbabwe: Best Fruit Processors partner with Mamina Irrigation Scheme

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HomeIB in Zimbabwe: Best Fruit Processors partner with Mamina Irrigation Scheme

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Mar 06, 2017


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BCSDZ and IB Zimbabwe


IB in Zimbabwe: Best Fruit Processors partner with Mamina Irrigation Scheme

Inclusive Business is a sustainable development model that ensure that individuals who are on low income groups are involved in the value chains of production processes through partnerships. The BCSDZ has been involved in implementing the Inclusive Business Forum. In collaboration with SNV. In light of this business model, members of the BCSDZ visited the Best Fruit Processors Plant in Norton and the Mamina Irrigation Scheme to assess practical implementation of this model. The visit mainly focused on how to include low-income groups in the supply chain and how to upscale efficient production processes.

The visit was guided by Schweppes and Best Fruit Processors (BFP) staff members. The Managing Director of Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited, Mr Charles Msipa was part of the delegation as well as Mr Smart Zongololo the General Manager of BFP) The organization is involving small scale farmers in the supply of tomatoes which are required in the production of tomato paste. The processing of tomatoes into tomato paste is carried out at the Norton Plant. Selected demonstration fields showed improved productivity and agronomic practices as a result of the technical knowledge and support from the collaboration with BFP and Schweppes. The selected community members noted that they had now been provided with employment as well as improved household income as a result of a guaranteed market from BFP. This model shows a win-win situation where community provides raw materials to be used for production processes with both parties benefiting.

As BCSDZ toured the Norton plant, it was clear that BFP is implementing various clean technologies with interventions focused on various areas such as water, energy, quality and waste management. The level of automation of the production process minimized product loss, water loss and promoted resource efficiency. With the level of investment into the refurbishment of the facility Schweppes Holdings Africa limited has managed to create jobs in the Norton community and also has managed to create a platform for producing tomato paste of the highest quality that can be competitive on the market.In his closing remarks Mr Smart Zongolo encouraged other industries to adopt inclusive business models as they ensure sustainable socio-economic development. Speaking on behalf of the BCSDZ, Former Councillor Mr Moses Matayaunga thanked the BFP and Schweppes team for a well organized field tour for BCSDZ Members. The BCSDZ Executive Director, Mr Tawanda Collins Muzamwese indicated that field visits were very useful tools for practical learning of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production as well as up-scaling industrial ecology. He expressed optimism that more companies would take a leaf from the case study tour and adopt the green technologies for improved competitiveness, social inclusion and increase the chances of achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID)

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