Inclusive Business In Sanitation - News From The Practitioner Hub - April 2016

It is said that there is still no inclusive sanitation business operating at profit and scale. After all, the sanitation sector is an easy way to highlight the challenges of business at the Base of the Pyramid: lack of consumer awareness and finance, public-private roles, and complex logistics.

But this month we hear about a whole load more than challenges. New trends, global alliances, contrasting approaches to revenue mobilisation and waste management, links to the SDGs and debates on impact. In partnership with the Toilet Board Coalition, we share blogs from businesses and experts that suggest excitement in the sector, now that the scale of transformation needed has been widely recognised. And as our Editor’s overview blog points out, the issues and lessons are widely relevant to practitioners in inclusive business, not just the ‘sanipreneurs’.

Source: News from the Practitioner Hub - April 2016
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