10/08/2012 - 07:43
Mr Jonathan Kagoro; Mr Lawrence Attipoe, Country Director, SNV Zimbabwe; Mrs Arlene Wilson-Max; and Mr Moses Matayaunga, BCSDZ Councillor & Technical Director, Cairns Foods Ltd

48 participants from a cross-section of the private, public and civil society sectors attended the Inclusive Business Forum’s recent Seminar in Harare which resulted in many favourable comments and another 11 new Forum members.

The two main speakers were: Mr Jonathan Kagoro, Senior Partner, Economic Development, Development Innovations International, who spoke on “The case for business...

09/07/2012 - 07:33

The recent meeting of the Group of 20 (G20) in Los Cabos, Mexico included the announcement of the 15 winners of the G20 Challenge on Inclusive Business Innovation. The Challenge is an online competition that sought to find the best examples worldwide of businesses with innovative, scalable, and commercially viable ways of working with low-income people in developing countries. The judging...

23/06/2012 - 16:26

One of the two key themes of the conference was “A green economy in the context of Sustainable Development and poverty eradication”.

Inclusive Business was strongly featured at various business events during the prelude days at Rio+20, and further information on these can be obtained by referring to and...

18/04/2012 - 04:15

The Inaugural meeting of the Inclusive Business Forum was held in early April and was attended by almost all the representatives of organisations who had either accepted or offered to be members of the Forum. This, together with the ensuing discussions, provided a most encouraging and appreciated start to the work of the Forum.

Agenda items included: brief reviews of a...
19/03/2012 - 09:45

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation Zimbabwe and the Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe (BCSDZ), with the generous support of the Ford Foundation, are collaborating on the implementation of an agreed plan to establish a  multi-stakeholder Inclusive Business Forum. A number of senior persons from various sectors have already expressed great interest in participating or...