Power to the People - Investing in Clean Energy for the BoP in India

If you are operating, selling, innovating or investing in the Base of Pyramid energy market, this month’s Editor’s Choice has analysis that you probably need. Power to the People; Investing in Clean Energy for the BoP in India, illustrates the investment potential of the clean energy sector by delving into sub-sectors, products, prices and consumer trends.

Barefoot Power and Solar Entrepreneurs in Uganda

In Uganda, 5 million households (85% of the population) lack access to electricity. It has become evident that access to reliable electricity plays a major role in development. One of the major problems for developing countries that lack electricity is expensive, unhealthy, unsafe lighting alternatives. Most Ugandans use kerosene lanterns or candles for lighting which produce poor quality light, have unsafe open flames that cause fires, and with kerosene price fluctuations, they are not affordable.

Sanergy - Slum sanitation in Kenya

Sanergy aims to improve sanitation in urban slums in Kenya by designing user friendly systems to increase usage and reduce cleaning costs. The company is taking an innovative approach to increase access to sanitation and waste management practices. “At each step, this model creates jobs and opportunity while simultaneously addressing the need for hygienic sanitation solutions amongst slum-dwellers. ”

Kiva's MFIs provide micro finance to UpEnergy Retailers in Uganda, Rwanda and Central America

Kiva's MFIs provide micro finance to UpEnergy Retailers in Uganda, Rwanda and Central America

When Kiva first decided to branch into loans for clean energy and green technologies, we discovered a wealth of prospective partners offering products designed for the poor. Now we're growing that portfolio even more by launching with UpEnergy, a social enterprise working to make clean energy accessible in Uganda, Rwanda and Central America.

Butwal Power Company Producing Hydropower in Nepal

Butwal Power Company is a leading hydropower company in Nepal involved in generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. It has a combined operating capacity of 17.1 MW through its two plants in Jhimruk (12MW) and Andhikhola (5.1 MW) in western Nepal. It supplies power to the national grid operated by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and directly to almost 38,000 domestic and industrial customers. In addition, BPC provides engineering and consulting services through its subsidiaries.

TEMASOL: Providing Energy Access to Remote Rural Households in Morocco

In Morocco, despite the government’s efforts to expand its grid-based coverage, about 9% of the rural population could not be cost-effectively connected. Given that Morocco enjoys 3,000 hours of sun per year, solar energy was therefore thought to be a cost-effective alternative. TEMASOL is a joint-venture between the oil and electricity French companies TOTAL and EDF created in 2002 within the framework of a national program championed by Morocco’s National Electricity Office aiming at electrifying rural regions of the country through renewable sources of energy.

Kuyasa CDM Project: Renewable Energy Efficient Technology for the Poor in South Africa

The small scale Kuyasa Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project was developed to retrofit 2,309 low-income houses in the urban township of Kuyasa, Khayelitsha in Cape Town with solar water geysers, insulated ceilings and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs improving thermal performance of low-income housing units and thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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