Forestry and Timber

Chigondo Honey and Agro-Processing Centre in Zimbabwe

Chigondo Honey and Agro-Processing Centre, located in Wedza’s Chigodora Ward 9, was initiated in 2000. It is owned by a registered group of farmers who are part of the Chigondo Environmental Action Group (EAG). More than 270 beekeepers are involved in the project. The main objectives of the group include: to participate in the overall economic, environmental and social development of Chigodora Ward by increasing production, sustainable utilisation of resources, improvement of supply and marketing channels and mobilisation of financial and material resources.

Allied Timbers - Contract Millers in Zimbabwe

Allied Timbers is involved in the production of saligna and gum trees in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. They are also involved in the processing, value adding into furniture, distribution, wholesale and retail of the products in Zimbabwe. Allied Timbers employs 2,700 people full time and approximately 1,0000 contractors (including contract millers). The company has outlets in one form or another in all major cities and towns in Zimbabwe. There are 12 in Harare. Gweru, Bulawayo and Mutare have some of the larger outlets outside of the capital city.

Vagga till - Vagga biomass stoves in Zambia

Vagga till Vagga wants to provide an alternative source of energy to families through an inclusive waste-to-energy business project based on waste sawdust and husks.

Vagga till Vagga AB and its subsidiary Millions of Stoves Sweden AB have developed a waste-to-energy inclusive business project. Pellets are produced using waste sawdust and husks from forest plantations in the Copperbelt region to generate an energy-efficient, smokeless alternative fuel source to firewood and charcoal.

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