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Blog for July 2014: The role of Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSP) in promoting Inclusive Business in Zimbabwe

There is a famous African Proverb that says "To go fast you must alone, but to go far you need to go with others" there is need to the add a modern twist to this adage which is "go with others who are like minded and have the same desire to achieve cohesion". This article is intended to look at the importance of like minded individuals or entities coming together for the singular purpose of achieving economic growth and human development.

Inclusive Business Forum Zimbabwe Launches Bulawayo Office

The official launch of the IB Forum for the Western and Southern Region took place on the 10th of December 2013 at the Holiday Inn in Bulawayo.

The event was opened by the Mayor of Bulawayo, His Worship Mayor M. K. Moyo. The event attracted close to 70 participants from academic and research institutions, private companies, agricultural producer associations, government, NGOs and individual entrepreneurs. In addition, four umbrella bodies namely, BSDCZ, ZNCC, ABUZ and Empretec brought several members.

The Programme for the Launch was as follows:

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The Inclusive Business Forum of Zimbabwe was established as a collaboration between SNV Zimbabwe and the Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe (BCSDZ), with the generous support of the Ford Foundation. At present the IB Forum has over 70 member organisations. Membership includes organisations within the following sectors:

Connected Agriculture. How mobile technology helps tackle age-old challenges

How mobile technology helps tackle age-old challenges - Connected Agriculture. Posted by Editor's Choice Posted by Editor's Choice on November 2, 2011 - The Practioner Hub For Inclusive Business and Business Innovation Facility

It is not often that a set of promising practical solution are posed to challenges as deep and ingrained as those facing smallholder farmers and inclusive business. ‘Connected Agriculture, this month’s Editor’s Choice, highlights 4 critical ways in which mobile technology can benefit farmers and agribusiness.

Power to the People - Investing in Clean Energy for the BoP in India

If you are operating, selling, innovating or investing in the Base of Pyramid energy market, this month’s Editor’s Choice has analysis that you probably need. Power to the People; Investing in Clean Energy for the BoP in India, illustrates the investment potential of the clean energy sector by delving into sub-sectors, products, prices and consumer trends.

Water: Entrepreneurial models for safe water at the base of the pyramid

How are entrepreneurs providing safe water to people at the base of the pyramid? What types of solutions, what business models, and how can they scale?

These questions are well addressed in this month’s Editor’s Choice: Access to Safe Water for the Base of the Pyramid; Lessons Learned from 15 case studies (

A Study on Inclusive Growth - Closing the Commitment Gap

A Study on Inclusive Growth - Closing the Commitment Gap

For a decade now, advocates for the poor in the world’s emerging economies have been urging companies to seek new markets among the have-nots, the left outs, the far away. The argument runs something like this: Not only would such initiatives bring social and economic benefits to the globe’s lowest-income segments; in addition, large swaths of the poor from today’s emerging markets will form the backbone of tomorrow’s middle class.


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