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Mondi Zimele: Encouraging independence through enterprise in South Africa

WBCSD have produced an IB case study focusing on Mondi, an international packaging and paper group. We documented how Mondi Zimele, part of Mondi South Africa, addresses the limited economic opportunities of rural communities through job creation and small business development. To date, the program has supported over 80 small and medium enteprises with an employment footprint reaching over 4,200 people and a collective annual turnover in excess of US$ 61 million.

A summary of the study is presented below: Mondi Zimele: Encouraging independence through enterprise in South Africa:

Zimbabwe: Milkzim and the story of Yeukai Tagonera

Yeukai Togonera is a Nutrition Network Officers (NNO) with Milkzim. She purchases milk from Milkzim’s wholesale outlet in Harare and sells packets of Merilac fermented milk to consumers living in various high density, low income suburbs in Harare. In 2012, Milkzim adopted the inclusive business approach for the distribution and retail of their products. To date over 100 NNOs have been trained by Milkzim on how to handle and sale milk efficiently and hygienically according to food regulatory standards.

Here is Yeukai’s story: from extreme poverty to economic independence……..

Kiva's MFIs provide micro finance to UpEnergy Retailers in Uganda, Rwanda and Central America

Kiva's MFIs provide micro finance to UpEnergy Retailers in Uganda, Rwanda and Central America

When Kiva first decided to branch into loans for clean energy and green technologies, we discovered a wealth of prospective partners offering products designed for the poor. Now we're growing that portfolio even more by launching with UpEnergy, a social enterprise working to make clean energy accessible in Uganda, Rwanda and Central America.

Hindustan Unilever - Shakti Entrepreneurial Programme for Women Direct-to-Consumer Retailers

Hindustan Unilever - Shakti Entrepreneur Programme

One in eight people on the planet lives in an Indian village. Hindustan Unilever's Shakti Entrepreneurial Programme helps women in rural India set up small businesses as direct-to-consumer retailers. The scheme equips women with business skills and a way out of poverty as well as creating a crucial new distribution channel for Unilever products in the large and fast-growing global market of low-spending consumers. By 2010 the Shakti network aims to have reached 600 million consumers.

Chigondo Honey and Agro-Processing Centre in Zimbabwe

Chigondo Honey and Agro-Processing Centre, located in Wedza’s Chigodora Ward 9, was initiated in 2000. It is owned by a registered group of farmers who are part of the Chigondo Environmental Action Group (EAG). More than 270 beekeepers are involved in the project. The main objectives of the group include: to participate in the overall economic, environmental and social development of Chigodora Ward by increasing production, sustainable utilisation of resources, improvement of supply and marketing channels and mobilisation of financial and material resources.

Allied Timbers - Contract Millers in Zimbabwe

Allied Timbers is involved in the production of saligna and gum trees in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. They are also involved in the processing, value adding into furniture, distribution, wholesale and retail of the products in Zimbabwe. Allied Timbers employs 2,700 people full time and approximately 1,0000 contractors (including contract millers). The company has outlets in one form or another in all major cities and towns in Zimbabwe. There are 12 in Harare. Gweru, Bulawayo and Mutare have some of the larger outlets outside of the capital city.

MiTienda Rural Distribution to Small-scale Retailers in Mexico

MiTienda is a privately held rural distribution company focusing on Mexico’s more than 600,000 small-scale retailers in rural markets not reached by large retailers. MiTienda offers a distinct value proposition: affordable door-to-door delivery of individual items within 48 hours, extended payment terms, and business training and advice to improve sales. Currently, MiTienda has 2 distribution centers serving 1,300 stores. For the small-scale retailers in its network, MiTienda’s modernization of stores has increased sales by an average of 35%.

Bakhresa Grain Milling in Malawi & Mozambique

Bakhresa Grain Milling Malawi & Mozambique (BGM Malawi) sells packaged wheat flour to commercial bakeries, small bakeries, retailers and supermarkets under a variety of brands and package sizes ranging from 5 to 50 kg. To date, over 1,000 small bakery staff have received business and technical training and over 1,800-2,000 staff from more than 1,000 small retail outlets have received merchandising support.

Coca-Cola Sabco Micro-distribution Project in East Africa

Coca-Cola Sabco, one of the The Coca-Cola Company’s largest bottlers in Africa, utilizes a manual delivery approach to reach small retail customers located in densely populated areas. This innovative distribution model has provided over 2,200 individuals, many of whom have never owned a business before, with the opportunity to run their own micro distribution centers (MDCs) in Eastern Africa. In addition, the MDC model has created over 12,000 new jobs and provided income to owners and staff who in turn support over 41,000 dependants.


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