Technical Assistance Facility

Sun, 07/04/2013 - 17:35 -- admin

The IB Scan is a facility which, with the support of the Ford Foundation, has been designed to assist identify and/or assess potential IB projects, and whether or not they make business sense both for the company and the small scale operators or community based organisations concerned.

SNV Zimbabwe, together with specialist consultants if deemed necessary, undertake the Scan. It will include aspects such as the IB opportunities, the potential business models and benefits, the estimated required investment, the expected economic and social impact, the potential strategic partnerships and the framework of an IB business plan.

SNV will contribute up to 75% of the pre-agreed cost of the Scan (maximum $3 500 per scan). For futher information on the procedures to apply for a scan on a potential project, please contact Waddilove Sansole at SNV on Telephone 776136 or email: