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Aug 30, 2012


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Waste 2 Energy - Biogas from Municipal Waste in Uganda

Waste 2 Energy Ltd. aim to develop a commercial biogas production, purification and pressurising facility in Kampala. The gas produced from waste will provide low income communities in Uganda with an alternative, renewable source of fuel.
Waste 2 Energy Ltd.’s aim is to develop commercial production of biogas from municipal waste collected in a densely populated urban centre in Kampala. The gas will be conventionally purified and pressurized into a safe, affordable and renewable energy source for poor households.
Organic waste sorted by “waste-pickers” will be converted and purified to biogas. Subsequently the biogas will be marketed and sold at a price 20-30% lower than competing products. The gas will reach potential customers through a distribution network. By April 2013 the goal is to have the business up and running and for years to come, the mission is to scale up the business and expand across Africa, reaching millions of people.
Since the existing market demand for an affordable alternative is great, Waste 2 Energy’s reliable biogas production will ensure long-term competitiveness and an opportunity to take increased market shares.
The business has several development advantages. The business offers improved public hygiene by preventing flooding caused by waste clogging municipal waterways. Recruited “waste-pickers” will gain nearly ten times their current income, and will be provided with health insurance, pensions, and protective equipment. Generating a renewable source of energy from biogas helps transition Africa to a green economy and mitigates the deleterious social and environmental impacts of a carbon-based economy.
IAP support amounting to 20,000 Euros will be used to complete the feasibility study described above.
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